When do I hire an Education Advocate?

There is much information to learn in the realm of Special Education, Section 504, state laws and school services. Initial Classification or planning for evaluations can be a stressful process. If hired as a consultant, our team will review your childs records, evaluations and other data to help determine how to move forward. Based on your concerns and needs, we will come up with a plan that you feel comfortable with. We will support you through the Eligibility, IEP and review process. 

Advocates are most usually called upon when you are meeting and working with the school district and do not feel that your student is being offered and provided appropriate services that meets their needs. In addition to providing those services, we also offer services to help inform parents of procedure and their rights before these meetings start. If you have a concern about your child and feel that they might need support, we will talk to you about your options as guardians to help your child receive the services that best meets their needs.

We help explain the differences between the special education and 504 process and we can offer assistance to ensure a smooth transition from EI (Early Intervention) services to the elementary school setting. We help families' navigate the special education and support services process as well as provide emotional support, information and direction.

Our goal is to work with families, schools and related service providers and agencies to promote cooperation to help children succeed.














Who we are:

Our team consists of both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a School Psychologist, who together have significant experience working with families, outside agencies, Child Study Teams and Supervisors. Our experience runs the gamut of helping parents navigate the transition from EI (Early Intervention) to assisting with transitional services for High School and beyond.

  •  Equip you to make informed decisions

  • Help you access educational services your child needs

  • Assist in locating appropriate outside related service providers for the home

  • Provide guidance regarding: referral process, eligibility, evaluations, identification, plan development.

  • Help review your child's current and previous IEP (Individualized Education Plan) to determine its effectiveness.

  • Assist with referral to legal counsel

What an advocate can do:

Amy M. Futterman MsEd, PD

  • PD, Fordham University, School Psychology

  • MS Ed., Fordham University, Therapeutic Interventions

  • BA, Arizona State University

  • New York State Certified and New Jersey School Psychologist

  • 13 years working in the New Jersey and New York School Systems

  • Clinical experience working on a CCIS unit. Childrens Crisis Unit dealing with students who have psychological and behavioral difficulties

  • Experience in working with both Elementary and Secondary Students

  • Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Conference

Jeanine Jensen, LCSW
  • Bachelors of Social Work – SMSU

  • MSW– University of Missouri – Columbia

  • 17 years of working within the NJ school systems as a School Social Worker

  • Previous work in the medical field of social work

  • Parent of a child with special needs who utilized school resources for educational needs

  • Significant experience working with EI (Early Intervention) and assisting with the transition to school at age 5.