Initial Phone Conversation:

During our initial phone conversation, we will find out what you believe are the issues that challenge your student and family with regard to your child's educational and emotional needs. We will establish a mutual time for us to meet, including your student. Prior to that meeting, we will email/and or send you a Document Checklist with the educational information for us to discuss and review along with the release and information form. We will also request a copy of previous evaluations that have been conducted to become part of our record review.


Educational Form/ Checklist:

You will be asked to complete an educational form providing all information about your child. As a parent or guardian you have the most knowledge of who your child really is, and the challenges they face. It is important to fill out this form to the best of your ability. In order to support your family to the best of our ability, we need you to be as forthcoming as possible so that we can acquire the knowledge we need in order to best support your child.


You will also be asked to fill out a release of information form for us to keep on file.  This will allow us to gather information from other related service providers, agencies and pertinent doctors.

Initial Meeting:

During this meeting we will get to know your student and you. We will talk about how you feel about your child's educational history. We will discuss your main concerns and how you would like to have your child's needs met. We will review previous school interventions as well as an anecdotal social history.  We will discuss next steps based on your child's needs, which may incude (but are not limited to): requesting additional information from your child's school, school observation, meeting with school staff, and obtaining relevant related service provider information.

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