How can we help:
  • Access the services your child needs
  • IEP development and revision
  • Evaluation and Education plan Review
  • ​Develop goals and monitor progress to help ensure your child's success​
  • I&RS/504 and Building level plans
  • Related services plan review
  • Curriculum Based Assessment Review
  • RTI review
  • EI (Early Intervention) transition support
  • Behavioral Plan Support: FBA, BIP
  • Out of District Placement
  • Related Service Referrals
  • Access Social Service support
  • Transition Services
  • Access home behavioral and mental health support
  • Ensure (LRE); Least Restrictive Environment
  • Parent support groups
  • Educational Teacher and Parent workshops
  • Initial 45 minute phone consultation

  • Document Review

  • Meeting with family

  • Conference or in person follow up consultation

  • Meeting with School, OOD or EI placement  

  • Annual IEP Progress support

  • Ongoing family support


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